General Advice:

Over the years Mr. Kelso has established a reputation for providing agressive legal representation that achieves his clients' reasonable legal objectives. Sometimes this requires filing a court case and litigating legal matters before a judge or jury. Others can sometimes be resolved through an agreement or mediation.

When you are involved in a lawsuit or a conflict that appears to be headed toward a lawsuit, you should immediately seek legal advice. Many times we are able to help resolve a conflict or dispute before it becomes a lawsuit. It is important that you take action immediately. Do not ignore the situation or attempt to take the law into your own hands. For example, if you are experiencing marital difficulties and think a separation may be necessary, you need quality legal representation before taking any action. Simply leaving your spouse, without having a legal agreement or court order in place that allows you to do so, may be deemed an "abandonment" under North Carolina law. If you abandon your spouse, your conduct may have severe consequences. Abandonment, in most cases, can be avoided by a simple separation agreement that is executed contemporaneously with your separation.

The goal of our firm is to help you resolve your legal problems at the least cost to you. It is generally true that the higher the conflict between you and the adverse party, the greater the fees and expenses to you. It is sometimes better to reach a reasonable settlement out of court than to go through the loss of time, stress, and costs of a trial. Once a lawsuit starts, you will have little control over the fees and expenses. For instance, we can settle your entire family law case, even where children are involved, for as little as $750 where all parties can agree to a separation agreement, property settlement and parenting agreement. However, the key is being able to agree on everything with your spouse or other parent. If you cannot agree, a lawsuit is likely to be involved and the initial fee will likely be significantly more that what it would have been to settle with an agreement.

A lawsuit is a fight, and each party will be required to pay fees and expenses for the attorneys to spend time in matters such as filing pleadings and motions, discovery of assets, hearings, mediation and if mediation fails, a trial. Mr. Kelso's focus is not to play legal games or run up the cost of your case. However, fees must be paid to compensate for the time and expenses that are involved in providing competent and aggressive legal representation for you.

Mr. Kelso has represented all types of family law clients and their issues. He will assist you in arriving at a plan that hopefully you can afford to try and help you to achieve your reasonable legal objectives. He has helped clients with meager resources and clients with estates exceeding 15 million dollars. So whatever your financial condition, Mr. Kelso and his staff are there to assist you.

When a child or children are involved, special care is required to see that their best interests are protected as well. When parties can agree, we have parenting agreements that provide a fair division of parental time for each parent. Where domestic violence or unfitness is not an issue, our parenting agreements include a basic set of rights for children and parents, such as a parent's right to seek emergency and non-emergency medical care for a child, the right to obtain medical and school records, and other important rights.

Remember, if you are in a conflict or dispute involving the custody of your child or children, you need competent legal advice to maintain that relationship. If a lawsuit does occur, seek legal advice immediately in an attempt to resolve the case.

Other Services:

In addition to representation of family law clients, Mr. Kelso has also served as a mediator and arbitrator of family law disputes.

He is also available to perform collaborative family law services upon request.

In meritorious cases, he has provided services as an expert witness and provided testimony in legal malpractice cases.