Adoption is the legal act of permanently placing a child with a parent or parents other than the birth parent or parents. A decree of adoption severs the parental responsibilities and rights of the biological parent or parents and places those responsibilities and rights on the adoptive parent or parents. Following a decree of adoption, there is generally no legal distinction between biological and adopted children. Adoption establishes the adoptive parents as the new legal custodians and legal parents of the child.

In North Carolina, adoptions may be by direct placement with the adoptive parents by the biological parent or parents or by placement with the adoptive parents through a licensed adoption agency or Department of Social Services. North Carolina law also recognizes stepparent adoptions and adult adoptions. North Carolina law does not recognize second parent adoptions, that is, an adoption that does not sever the rights of the biological parent, such as a same-sex adoption. There is no right to adopt a child in North Carolina. The focus of the court in any adoption proceeding is the best interests of the child.

Mr. Kelso generally charges a flat fee of $1000.00 plus court costs for an adoption.

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